PharmaCalc v02 and PharmaCalcCL

Java applications for pharmacokinetics simulations. PharmaCalc v02 and PharmaCalcCL are online Java applications for educational purposes, developed by SD Krämer. Do not use these applications to adjust a dosage regimen in therapy / in real life.
The applications require Java (external

PharmaCalc v02

Ideal to start with. Easy to handle, low flexibility.

The application is not signed:
open from the "Start" > "All programs" > "Java" > "Configure Java" panel; choose the Security tab and at the bottom add the website to the Exception Site List. Click on the link below and run with the "Java (TM) Web Start Launcher" (should open directly) or save the file (launch2.jnlp) to your computer and open it with "Java (TM) Web Start Launcher" from there.
   PharmaCalc v02


More flexibility by interval-individual clearances: simulate hemodialysis, enzyme inhibition, enzyme induction etc.

PharmaCalcCL Webstart version

The webstart version is not signed: include in Java Exception Site List as described above. Click on the link below and run with the "Java (TM) Web Start Launcher" (should open directly) or save the file (PharmaCalcCL.jnlp) to your computer and open it with "Java (TM) Web Start Launcher" from there.

PharmaCalcCL Download version to create your own library

For PharmaCalcCL with save and retreive functions to build and use your own drug library: unzip file from the link below to a local folder and run PharmaCalcCL by double clicking PharmaCalcCL.jar in the local folder. Save and retreive drug entries to/from your own local library. Check for new versions from time to time.

PharmaCalc v02 and PharmaCalcCL

can draw plasma-concentration time curves for

  • 1- and 2-compartment models
  • intravasal and extravasal (e.g., oral) applications
  • infusion and multiple dosing
  • linear and semi-log plots
  • drugs in a drug library (only few yet, possibility to sponsor drug entries)
  • single applications and repeated applications (up to 24 doses) with individual time intervals and doses (individual clearances in PharmaCalcCL), allowing to follow plasma-concentration time curves after missing a dose, doubling a dose, altering time intervals, altering total clearance (hemodialysis and -filtration, enzyme inhibition and induction) etc.
  • therapeutic range can be indicated in plots

It further calculates

  • total clearance (PharmaCalc), half-life (PharmaCalcCL)
  • concentration at steady state for multiple dosing
  • loading dose (can be directly applied to the dosage regimen; hypothetical, may be too high for a single dose!)

It allows controlling the graphs

  • by right-clicking into the plots (credits to JFreeChart)
  • zooming (mouse left-clicked from left upper focus corner to right lower) and un-zooming (opposite direction)

What is special in PharmaCalcCL?

This application gives more flexibility for individual intervals! Clearances can be entered for individual intervals, allowing simulations for, e.g., haemodialysis, enzyme inhibition and induction. When downloaded it allows saving and retreiving drug entries to/from a local library.

Get a step-by-step introduction to PharmaCalc

DownloadDownload Flyer (PDF, 288 KB)

Acknowledgment: The first version of PharmaCalc by D. Keller and H. Wunderli-Allenspach are acknowledged ETH e-collection >

Of course I am always interested to know who is using these tools and in which context. Let me know by . Thank you.

© Copyright ETH Zürich 2013, Stefanie D. Krämer, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Enlarged view: PharmaCalc v02
Link to PharmaCalc v02 (for the link to PharmaCalcCL, see above in text)
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